1800 N Bayshore Dr

Miami, Florida. 33132

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Team Deko

Deko eyewear is a Miami based boutique eyewear and fashion company. We believe that form and function can coexist with fine art and individuality.


Located in the heart of Miami's arts district, Deko draws inspiration directly from the city in which we call home. Some of us are born here, others came and never left. Needless to say we love our city and all of its vices. We are Miami, we are Deko.

Antonio Rubalcava is a Mexican-American painter born in the desert Southwest but now calls Miami home. His influence is gained from shamanistic perspectives and the total freedom of allowing the paint to become more of an extension of himself. His work is abstract but touches the soul.

Besides using his hands and spatula, Antonio uses an array of unconventional techniques. Sometimes Antonio will employ a painted sock, a box fan to quickly dry the paint enough to manipulate it, and occasionally will scratch the top layers of paint away with a bobby pin to release the layers beneath it. These techniques have allowed his work to transform into a variety of wondrous eye catching art.


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